All Saints, Pavement, is the Guild and Civic church of York. It is also the Regimental church of the Royal Dragoon Guards. As a result there are many special services held each year at the church

Enquiries from personnel from the Royal Dragoon Guards about getting married in All Saints Pavement are welcome.

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We welcomed The Royal Dragoon Guards on Sunday

13 March 2016 for their annual service to commemorate Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates.

Christopher Oates, a choral scholar from St Helen's Church in York, and a distant relative of Captain Oates, sang at the service.

Handel's A Pious Heart was a fitting tribute.  




Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates

6th Inniskilling Dragoons 1880 -1912


A Reading from Scott's Diary                                        

The Commanding Officer read



17 MARCH 1912


Oates' last thoughts were his mother' wrote Scott, 'But immediately before he took pride in thinking that his Regiment would be pleased with the way in which he met his death.  We can testify to his bravery.  He has borne intense suffering for weeks without complaint.  This was the end.  He slept through the night before last, hoping not to wake, but he woke in the morning – yesterday.  It was blowing a blizzard.  Oates said 'I am just going outside and I may be some time'.  He went out into the blizzard and we have not seen him since.  We knew that poor Oates was walking to his death, but though we tried to dissuade him, we knew it was the act of a brave man and an English Gentleman'.

It was on St Patrick's Day – and his 32nd birthday that Captain Oates sacrificed his own life in order that his comrades might have a better chance of survival.


The sermon was preached by the Padre, Fr Alex Strachan CF(RC) in the presence of members of The Royal Dragoon Guards and the congregation of All Saints Pavement. 




Stained Glass Window 

On 2 July 2015, a new stained glass window created by Helen Whittaker of Barley Studios was installed in All Saints Pavement Church. It remembers those who died in Afghanistan especially Matthew Hatton, David Hart and Ashley David Smith. The public gave donations, via The Press, York's newspaper. On behalf of the families and the church - thank you. Rev'd Jane Nattrass Priest-in-Charge.

On 1 October 2015 , the window was dedicated by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu. Later that day, Barley Studio received the Master's Award for Craftsmanship awarded by the York Guild of Building.